Natural Mountain Quality

Finest mountain spring water especially for coffee and tea

è Aqua arises at an altitude of about 800 meters in the middle of a biological nature reserve within the Italian Alps in Lombardy.

è Aqua comes from the source SELVA, a natural water source particularly rich in oxygen.

Due to the important aroma carriers magnesium and calcium, and low water hardness of 7 °, è Aqua gives your tea or coffee a unique taste and enhances the aroma of the finest tea and coffee.

The pH of 7.5 and very low sodium content is not only a taste sensation, it also protects your coffee machines and prevents calcification.

Thanks to its microbiological purity, è Aqua is neither filtered nor treated with ozone before bottling at the source and is free from pollutants and uranium. è Aqua is suitable for a low sodium diet as well as for the preparation of baby food.

eAqua Das Wasser für Kaffee und Tee