Harmony you can taste

Finest mountain spring water especially for coffee and tea

We often ask questions like: "Why does coffee taste better in Italy than at home?" or "Why do the British make the best tea?".

It´s not only the coffee beans or the special tea blends that create a unique taste. An essential component in the preparation of tea or coffee is pure water.

Not every tap and mineral water is suited for tea and coffee making.

Water used for tea and coffee should be high in oxygen and rich in minerals - salts and minerals contained in water are essential flavour enhancers.

To experience the best tea and coffee possible, we offer you è Aqua

+ Optimum flavour development for tea and coffee
+ deal mineral and lime content
+ 7 ° water hardness
+ Consistent quality regardless of location
+ Suitable for the preparation of baby food
+ gentle to your coffee maker
+ prevents calcification

eAqua Das Wasser für Kaffee und Tee