Coffee and tea love è

Finest mountain spring water especially for coffee and tea

For generations, the best coffee in the world has come from cities where the finest coffee beans have been prepared with water of the highest quality.

Water quality is a crucial factor in the preparation of world-class tea or coffee and this is why your preferred hot beverage will taste much better in some places than in others.

Our passion for excellent tea and coffee has led us to search for the best water.

Finally our long search has been successful and we have found the ideal water source within the biological nature reserve of the Italian Alps in Lombardy.

Balanced water must not be too hard and should contain a high level of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. è Aqua has the perfect composition - ideal for the preparation of tea and coffee.

It produces a pleasantly balanced flavour and is especially gentle on your coffee-maker.

Tea made with è Aqua will have a delicate aroma and taste.

eAqua Das Wasser für Kaffee und Tee